about twigg&hottie

twigg&hottie was founded in January 2003 by Glencora Twigg and Christine "Hottie" Hotton. We started off making one of a kind items mixed with vintage and re-worked. We were still in design school when we launched and in August 2005 we were joined by Jess Vaira. We joke that she is the 'ampersand' in twigg&hottie-and in fact she is. Her earthy, practical style bridges Christine's "Art It Girl" look and Glencora's classic tailored pieces.  We have since made the switch to carrying sustainable, ethical and Canadian goods exclusively and are now 10 years strong.  For us, it is about taking at least one step out of the regular production process.  That way we are supporting brands who support a positive future.

The three of us juggle the inner workings of the store and all the extra after hours gigs that come along with this fun, crazy, creative, demanding, exhilarating, and challenging industry. When you visit us check out the three house labels: Red Earth Jewelry, Michael and Clementine by Glencora, Christine and Jess respectively. 

In 2007 we decided to join forces and collaborate to create We3 Designs and we now wholesale our line all across Canada, as well as the US and Europe.

We are friendly and creative and love to chat about all the beautiful people and products that we represent. So introduce yourself when you come in and we'll give you the low down on all that's new.